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LYFE Accounting

LYFE Accounting is a full-service accounting firm that helps small businesses manage their money and grow their business. We offer small business bookkeeping, tax planning, tax preparation, CPA Services, and CFO Services.

On this channel, we will cover some very important topics such as:
- How to pay fewer taxes, and some cases, how to pay zero taxes
- How Business entities work such as benefits of LLC, benefits of S Corp, benefits of Sole proprietorship and C Corporations
- How to make smart business investments
- How to build a profitable company
- How taxes on income work such as taxes on real estate, stocks, etc.
- more!

For years, we have been offering bookkeeping services. Mainly bookkeeping services for small businesses. Our specialization is business tax services. We help our clients to make smart and legal decisions when it comes to financials. That's why we also offer CFO Services.

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