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Challenger Andy

I make easy games more difficult by imposing challenges on myself or fundamentally changing aspects of the game.
Videos will be posted on a monthly basis, with Challenge Run Summary videos being posted every 2 months.
I stream on YouTube Wednesdays and Saturdays from 6:00-11PM MDT.
If you are a challenger runner and are wondering about my success in a challenge that has not yet been released, please contact me through my email.

Runs that are not yet videos:

Super Smash Bros. Melee: Jumpless, Up-special-less (Currently being edited)
Minecraft: No Camera Controls
Horizon Zero Dawn: No Weapons
Code Vein: Gifts-Only - Depths, DLC, Towers
Pokémon Crystal but every Pokémon is level 100 except my own (Run in progress)
Bloodborne: Arcane Hunter Tools Only
Bloodborne: Hunter Tools Only
Dark Souls - All Seath
Dark Souls - All Artorias (Run in progress)
Super Mario Sunshine - No Walking/Running (Run in progress)
Dark Souls Remastered: Always Toxic'd (Run in Progress)