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Relaxing Soundzzz

Welcome to Relaxing Soundzzz,
I started my channel in 2014 with the intention of helping people to relax and sleep easier. I make soundscape videos with beautiful nature sounds of thunderstorms and rain, winter storms with snow, tropical beaches with relaxing ocean waves, rainforests with singing birds, campfires and fireplaces with soothing fire sounds and many more different soundscapes that make you relaxed or sleepy. But you can also use my soundscape videos as a screensaver or as background sound when you are working or studying. All my videos are made in high quality and the programs I use for that are for example Vegas Pro, Audacity, and Photoshop and takes a lot of time to make. Some video and audio files are made in collaboration with other video / audio creators with all the licenses & commercial use rights that are necessary. I mixed these video or audio files with the creation of myself. I hope you like my channel and would really appreciate it if you leave a message. Enjoy