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Nico Semsrott

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Shared September 24, 2020

S2E1: - EU leaders plan to limit your Rail Passenger Rights, meaning you may soon pay full price for a late train. But Nico has an idea to stop them in their tracks: make them suffer what we suffer. Let’s send them to #empathyTRAINing!

Also in this episode: Animals invade the parliament. And Nico has some gifts for you (well, you kind of paid for them).

Want more information on EU Passenger Rights?
Special Report of the European Court of Auditors:

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Strange, you seem to be interested in European politics...
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0:00 - Animals invade parliament
1:22 - Intro
1:32 - EmpathyTRAINing
9:26 - Nico betters the EU!
9:44 - Mugs and condoms

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Nico Semsrott /// Member of the European Parliament /// Rue Wiertz 60 /// 1047 Brussels /// Belgium

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