Camper Ausbau Tipps und Gimmicks: 15 einfache, günstige DIY Mini Camper Van Ausbau Hacks und Tricks

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Shared January 1, 2021

Camper Van Conversion Tips Tricks Gimmicks: 15 easy + cheap hacks for your DIY mini camper conversion

I benefited a lot from the knowledge and tips that other people shared with me for my Mini Camper conversion. I just tried and tested some things. That's why, in return, I'll share my best vanlife gimmicks in this video, tell you which good tips you gave me and I'll tell you which hacks have proven themselves in my conversion. Do you have any recommendations for gimmicks that have worked for you? What are your best tips? Write them in the comments!

0:00​ Intro
0:36​ Ultra-strong magnets
1:45​ Magnetic board
2:35​ Cooling boxes without electricity
4:17​ Shower curtain rod
5:05​ Manual foot pump without electricity
5:58​ DIY copper faucet
6:39​ Mobile solar pack with mobile solar panel
7:58​ Rechargeable lamps
8:39​ Inexpensive separate toilets
10:13​ Flexible hoses and springs
10:51​ Basket locks
11:26​ Eye bolts and rubber bands
12:09​ Hack for tailgate mechanism
13:13​ Hanging nets
14:01​ Smart USB light strip
15:28​ Outro

Hack for tailgate mechanism

* NOTE: I have decided against using Amazon Affiliate Links. The following links are only short links that should help you to find additional information about the products mentioned. I closed my affiliate account and am NOT receiving any commission for the referral. [Unpaid advertising by attribution]

Felt, self-adhesive 90 x 100 cm (Stoff4you, 13 euros):
Magnetic strip, wood (Etsy, 36 euros):
Zeller magnetic strip, wood, (Hygi, 12 euros):
Shower curtain rod 125-220 cm with spring (roller, 15 euros):
Whale Babyfoot foot pump at Busse Yachtshop (37.04 €):ßpumpeYachtshop
Suaoki 400 wh Solarpack at Real (369.99 €):
Suaoki 400 wh Solarpack at Real 2 (369.99 €):
Suaoki 400 wh Solarpack at Holy Dog Water (349.99 €):
Suaoki 400 wh Solarpack on Ebay (369 €):
50 watt off-grid solar panel:
Various luggage nets (Amazon):
various floristic needles (ebay):
various staples (Amazon):
Rechargeable magnetic lamp (Amazon, 19 euros):
Rechargeable LED lamp (Decathlon, 24 euros):
Camping toilet (Real, 27 euros):
Camping toilet Bivvy Loo (Amazon, 70 euros):
Bucket camping toilet BranQ (Fritz Berger, 13 euros):
Folding toilet (Fritzer Berger, 30 euros):
Neodymium magnets with eyelets (Amazon, 12 pieces, 19 euros):
Smart USB LED light strip (Amazon, 11 euros):

ᐅ More pictures and conversion details in ENGLISH:
ᐅ Mini Camper Van Room Tour:
ᐅ In the FAQ video you will find answers to the 20 most frequently asked questions:

* NOTE: I decided against using Amazon affiliate links. The following links are only short links that should help you to find additional information about the products mentioned. I have closed my account and am NOT getting any commission for the recommendation. [Unpaid advertising by attribution]

🎥 Camera and editing: Henning Westerkamp
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