Mini Camper heizen ohne Standheizung: 5 Heizmöglichkeiten für Winter Camping | Van Wohnmobil heizen

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Shared October 16, 2020

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Winter camping without parking heater: 5 ways to heat in a mini camper | Heating options Van camper

I have not installed a parking heater in my mini camper. Nevertheless, there is no end of the season for traveling with a mini camper. Regardless of whether, you might wann try it old school like the great-grandparents, using electricity or gas - I've tested how far you can get with alternative heating methods aside from parking heaters.

In this video I will tell you why I decided against a parking heater for my mini camper, show you which heating methods you can safely forget and which methods you can use to keep yourself and your car warm even without parking heater in autumn and winter.

0:00​ intro
1:04​ How to find your personal heating options
3:19​ Sorted out: auxiliary heating
6:47​ Sorted out: tealight ovens
7:21​ Sorted out: stoves
8:00​ Sorted out: petroleum heaters
9:20 am Heating options that I tested: fireclay bricks
9:54​ clothes
10:30​ sleeping bag
11:40​ blankets
12:12​ XXL hot water bottle
12:43​ Electric heating facilities
14:30​ fireclay bricks
16:50​ gas heaters

* NOTE: I decided against using Amazon affiliate links. The following links are only short links that should help you to find additional information about the products mentioned. I have closed my account and am NOT getting any commission for the recommendation. [Unpaid advertising by attribution]

80 cm hot water bottle, Amazon (27 euros):
XXL Fridani blanket sleeping bag up to + 1 / -11 / -22 ° C, Amazon (70 euros):
12V seat heating, Amazon (32 euros):
Gas heater Mr. Heater Buddy, Camping Wagner (159 euros):
Gas heater Mr. Heater Buddy, Fritz Berger (159 euros):
Petroleum heating, Amazon (45 euros):
3KW parking heater kit from LF Bros (370 euros):

Winter Camping, Pataschas World:

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