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Can You Beat Minecraft With No Left-Click, No Armor, & Limited Movement?

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Challenger Andy

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Shared March 4, 2021

Minecraft without left-clicking, jumping, sprinting, sneaking, armor (and without sprint swimming, swimming upward/downwards, riding minecarts/boats/striders, and shift-clicking outside of menu) on Hard Difficulty. See below for more stuff about this run.

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I stream on YouTube every Wednesday and Saturday from 6pm to 10pm MST

Cut Content:

-It is possible to be in a 1x1 wide hole and place a ladder inside to get out
-Insane Strats for the wither that were abandoned, including 500 blocks of TNT and an arena filled with dispensers filled with instant health potions and arrows
-Buying stone from villagers to use as building blocks, was not worth it at all
-Melting amor for nuggets which I ultimately never used
-A Mending Shears I made named, “The Eternal Nudemaker”
-Failed Quest for an enchanting table
-In hindsight, I could have used boats to trap and kill the endermen, but that’s something I wouldn’t learn until my next run.
-I used buttons to blow up TNT to save on flint and steel, which I used as a weapon.
-I was not able to ascend from Soul Sand to a slab due to the lower height of the former.
-Constant attacks by pillagers
-Punch II bow seems to be useless; it cannot be used to self-launch
-Cursed Village I was stuck at for 2 hours because it seemingly became an island. Due to the madness, I blew up several children.

Some notes:

Are you planning on doing another Minecraft challenge run?

I have done Minecraft Without Camera Controls, but farming for Wither Skulls is some of the most painful stuff to do in a challenge run in Minecraft. I am planning to release two more videos (Minecraft Without Doing Anything, one for singleplayer and one in multiplayer). Otherwise, I don’t want to be saturated with Minecraft content.

Why is the UI constantly changing size?

I’m not sure how you’re supposed to record Minecraft with Streamlabs, but streamlabs is definitely inconsistent with window sizes between sessions, specifically with Minecraft.

Why didn’t you do this strat instead of that?

I hadn’t played Minecraft in many years, so I wasn’t aware of many strats. This also explains why I never offhand because it just generally makes me uncomfortable. Also, this was streamed when I only had about 5 viewers, so chat wasn’t always able to help.

How many times did you break the rules and have to use /kill?
Because I couldn’t prevent sprinting, I ended up using /kill around a hundred or so times from that alone. I accidentally broke one bush using left-click (still /kill’d), and mistakenly jumped once (also /kill’d). None of these had any impact on the run at all besides making it harder due to /kill.

What’s up with your Minecraft Skins?

There was no meaning behind them other than I liked them.

Why are your graphics settings so bad?

I was streaming this on a MacBook Pro, which is something I no longer do.

"Festu Alleyway" - Challenger Andy
"Aqualazo" - Challenger Andy

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Music By: Beta Records

Thank you to u/Fat-Josh for their Minecraft Sound Font!